Terms and Conditions

we don't like jargon, so here are the terms you are agreeing to by using the website

we list queries

users post their queries for other users to fulfil. we act as transaction processors.

who is we
unloved tech ltd. is a company registered under the companies act in England.

content delivery
we do not host any product, subscription or IP belonging to anyone else. all products are directly exchanged by users, we only provide market listing and escrow services.

deletion of your query
we may remove any listing at any point for any reason what so ever. all queries are valid for 21 days only, after which they have to be renewed in writing.

your responsibility
as a seeker, it is solely your responsibility to make sure products you submit are genuine, meet the technical criteria laid out in the query and are available for transfer.

goal of service
the goal is add a commercial layer to existing social networks

prohibited sales
you must not sell or attempt to sell anything that is prohibited for sale by law in the US or EU (including UK)

query details
you authorise us to contact you with the details you provide on posting. we may do this for sharing submitted, verifying details, authenticating queries, customer support or for commercial purposes. we do not pass this data on to anyone other than seekers that attempt to match your query.

our analytics tools automatically collect non-personally-identifying information such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of each visitor request. strictly for understanding how you use our website and how to improve it for you. also, tiny analytics we use to see how much traction we're getting $$$. we do use cookies mostly google analytics. for any data related query please contact our data protection officer at support@unloved.xyz

payment handling
funds are released at our discretion, on verification of transaction details. all queries are paid for up-front at the time of posting. exception to this are queries with $1,000 or more in gas committed. those queries are verified by a member of our team before being posted to safe guard our seeker community against fraudulent behaviour. gas is refundable if a listing end-point is not executed within 21 days. at which point, the query expires if it is not renewed at least 24h before the 21 day period is completed. exception to this are introductions already made by seekers for transactions that take more than 21 days to complete.

queries are automatically refunded in 21 days from the date they go live on our website, if not renewed or not locked in by a seeker.

special note for subscriptions. sellers of subscriptions are paid in equal instalments for the remaining period of their subscription unless a buyer changes the login email credential, in which case the seller is paid after a one week delay from this event. subscriptions once bought are not refundable unless they stop working before advertised end date and the buyer has not changed the login credentials. it is the seller's responsibility to check their subscription terms and conditions to see whether it can be sold or exchanged. we do not check terms and conditions of subscriptions listed nor do we agree to them. the buyer agrees to the subscription's terms and conditions when they use credentials to login.

unless explicitly stated, all third party logos and trademarks are owned by others and not by us. we don't aim to violate any copyrights or intellectual property, so if you spot an anomaly please let us know.

changes to agreement
we may change the agreement and/or our fee structure at any point without any notice whatsoever. we may charge you additional charges for services we render, but these must be agreed in advance. by default we charge seekers 20% commission on sale. if product transaction are processed through our escrow service, we charge 7% of the total amount to cover payment handling and verification.

limited liability
we do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused as a use of our services. you must verify whether using the service will cause any stakeholder a loss. any liability must be resolved by the transacting parties.

no license agreement knowledge
we do not enter in to or accept any license terms for any subscription or product being sold. we do not verify terms or conditions imposed by makers on products. this is the responsibility of the seeker.

we any disputes will be governed by the law of England and Wales.