terms and conditions

we don't like jargon, so here are the terms you are agreeing to by using the website

we list things for sale - each listing is verified through video recording and ID document verification done either in-house or by third parties we contract. the data we collect is solely for transaction purposes and not for selling to third parties for commercial benefit. third parties may retain some of the data they collect for their internal purposes. we do not share confidential data unless ordered by a competent court. the terms are set out below, each line (not paragraph) is valid individually even if others are deemed to be null or void by a competent authority.

subscriber details

you authorise us to contact you with the details you provide on joining. we may do this for sharing listed items, customer support or for commercial purposes. we do not pass this data on to anyone.


our analytics tools automatically collect non-personally-identifying information such as the browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of each visitor request. strictly for understanding how you use our website and how to improve it for you. also, tiny analytics we use to see how much traction we're getting $$$. we do use cookies mostly google analytics. for any data related query please contact our data protection officer at support@unloved.xyz

payment handling

buyers aka the person buying a product through unloved is responsible for paying the full amount upfront and this amount is non-refundable unless we state otherwise. buyers have 24h from the receipt (confirmed by third party courier) to raise a concern with the product they have received, post this they waive any right to refund or damages. this is to protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent behaviour. we collect payments on behalf of sellers, and we are not the seller in this transaction. we hold the right to withhold payment pending inspection of a transaction. our decision in a transaction is final. we do our best to maintain a fair marketplace which involves both buyer and seller being transparent. we do not ask sellers to refund money post 24h of delivery of the product to the buyer.


as this is a pre-owned marketplace, no refund is given whatsoever. this does not affect buyers raising a dispute within 24h of delivery, as they are covered pending investigation in to the matter. if any disputes are raised by the buyer with their card provider, we reserve the right to charge them $200 administration fee to cover the requirements of dealing with the headache.


special note for subscriptions. sellers of subscriptions are paid in equal instalments for the remaining period of their subscription unless a buyer changes the login email credential, in which case the seller is paid after a one week delay from this event. subscriptions once bought are not refundable unless they stop working before advertised end date and the buyer has not changed the login credentials. it is the seller's responsibility to check their subscription terms and conditions to see whether it can be sold or exchanged. we do not check terms and conditions of subscriptions listed nor do we agree to them. the buyer agrees to the subscription's terms and conditions when they use credentials to login.


unless explicitly stated, all third party logos and trademarks are owned by others and not by us. we don't aim to violate any copyrights or intellectual property, so if you spot an anomaly please let us know.

additional charges

we may charge you additional charges for services we render, but these must be agreed in advance. by default we charge sellers 20% commission on sale. for certain items we may request different terms or commission structures, but these will be agreed in advance.