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buy pre-owned with OGs that help you find anything in the cosmos. post a query, attach gas and let thousands of seekers leverage their networks for you.



how does it work?

each query leads to a single transaction end-point. gas fees are paid to the seeker once a transaction end-point is met.

step 1: post a query
step 2: attach gas $$$
step 3: get vetted results


Adam is looking for a pre-owned iPhone 13 mini 128GB.

technical: mint condition
location: NYC
end-point: purchase
gas: $45

here the end-point is purchase, therefore gas is paid when Adam buys an iPhone through a seeker.


find OG/s that authenticate products before you buy or sell.


become a seeker

earn gas by matching queries posted on the network or curate your own pre-owned product stack and earn money selling online.

OG: expert seekers that possess supernatural knowledge of a domain
NB: newbie seekers that know the hustle

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